ABAP 740


21 Oct: 10 Tips for a Successful Suite on HANA Migration

When correctly implemented, SAP HANA conveys outstanding results and performance, analytic intelligence, integration capabilities, data processing, and improved ROIs of the SAP landscape with swift time-to-value. Planning and executing a successful transition to the SAP HANA platform is crucial, and this article provides a detailed overview of ten tips that will help mitigate risks during your business’s migration to SAP HANA.


20 Sep: What is S/4 Hana and How Is It Different Than Suite on Hana

SAP S/4HANA delivers massive simplifications (customer adoption, data model, user experience, decision making, business processes and models) and innovations (Internet of Things, Big Data, business networks, and mobile-first) to help businesses Run Simple in the digital economy


25 Oct: New Features in ABAP 7.4 – Enhanced Search Helps

Now in ABAP 7.4, you can enhance the functionality of a search help object to display possible search results and further values already while typing in a drop-down box beneath the search field. This assists the user who is searching for the desired entry. In addition, for fuzzy searches you can define an error-tolerant value in order to define the deviation of the relevant results.