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23 Oct: UiPath announces new tools and acquisitions to automate more business processes

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) Robotic processing automation firm UiPath Inc. announced a couple of key acquisitions at its Forward III conference in Las Vegas alongside a swath of improvements to its RPA platform. Backed by a billion dollars in venture capital funding, UiPath is one of the darlings of the booming RPA market, an emerging subset of artificial…


24 Sep: Security Clearance Reform – Our nation depends on it

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) Barely one year ago, the world of security clearances was in crisis. The backlog of investigations for individuals seeking a clearance was well over 700,000 — an all-time high. This backlog created a shortage of cleared workers, with critical government functions delayed or deferred. Recent actions have dramatically reduced the investigations backlog, now below…


21 Jul: UiPath Raises $568 Million Series D Funding Round

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) Companies are on the hunt for ways to reduce the time and money it costs their employees to perform repetitive tasks, so today a startup that has built a business to capitalize on this is announcing a huge round of funding to double down on the opportunity. UiPath — a robotic process automation startup…


23 Jun: S/4HANA Upgrade Proves Less Than SIMPLE

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) With SAP sunsetting SAP ECC in 2025, the company is keen to push its customers to the S/4HANA platform, which will run exclusively on SUSE Linux. However, the complexities caused by the heavily customized nature of most enterprise-level SAP implementations are causing significant issues for many users attempting to migrate, and this situation is…

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