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23 Jun: S/4HANA Upgrade Proves Less Than SIMPLE

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) With SAP sunsetting SAP ECC in 2025, the company is keen to push its customers to the S/4HANA platform, which will run exclusively on SUSE Linux. However, the complexities caused by the heavily customized nature of most enterprise-level SAP implementations are causing significant issues for many users attempting to migrate, and this situation is…

24 May: DOJ exploring AI to help process FOIA requests

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) Though the data has yet to be released, Melanie Pustay, director of the Justice Department’s Office of Information Policy (OIP), expects 2018 was another record-breaking year for Freedom of Information Act requests. That means additional burdens on FOIA staff government wide, greater difficulty in reducing existing backlogs, and an interest in new ways of…

23 Apr: Is RPA more than a passing fad, just look at the data

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) If you want to measure the impact of specific technologies on federal agencies, one good way is with acquisition data. And the General Services Administration’s Alliant 2 government-wide acquisition contract (GWAC) is as good as any barometer given the fact the agency developed the procurement vehicle to make sure agencies have access to the…

22 Mar: How to Obtain Security Clearance

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) Over the last few months, we have seen so many questions on getting and keeping security clearances, we decided to publish this re-post from A security clearance really refers to eligibility to access classified information – and you can’t get a clearance (or access) on your own. In order to obtain a security…

25 Feb: What’s Driving Federal IT in 2019?

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) Over the years, we have seen the federal IT landscape evolve, and this year will be no different. In 2019, we will continue to see federal agencies move full speed ahead with technology that will allow government to enhance citizen experiences and prepare for emerging technology. Six key technology trends will emerge in the…


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