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21 Jan: The DoD Audit Is Done, And Its A Failure

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) The Pentagon’s recent announcement that it failed its first-ever audit came 28 years after Congress passed a law mandating that all federal agencies be audited. In 2010, Congress gave the Pentagon an extra seven years to do the audit. DOD officials say no fraud or abuse was found in the 21 smaller audits which…

17 Dec: Is Blockchain Right for Your Agency?

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) Blockchain is hot right now. But how can it be harnessed in the federal government? First, a brief explanation. Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger that can record and verify transactions between two parties. Anything of value — property, patents, copyrights, etc. — can be tracked and traded through blockchain. Because it’s a shared…

27 Nov: SAP Acquires Contextor to Augment RPA Capabilities

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) SAP announced that it has acquired Contextor SAS, a European leader in the design and integration of robotic process automation (RPA), to help SAP accelerate the development and expansion of its SAP Leonardo Machine Learning portfolio. Contextor’s RPA technology relieves business software users from performing repetitive tasks and enables both attended and unattended RPA…

29 Oct: VA, DLA Give High Marks to Robotic Process Automation

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) For all the buzz around emerging technology in government, agency IT executives see an uncertain road ahead in looking for the next great innovation amid constrained budgets. Joseph Ronzio, the deputy chief technology officer at the Veterans Health Administration, said at an Association for Federal Information Resources Management (AFFIRM) luncheon on emerging technology, that…

25 Sep: The Coming Federal ERP Systems Battle

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) Across government, agencies can expect their IT business systems to fall behind at an accelerating rate. Vendors are aiming many of their advances in business analytics, big data and artificial intelligence at their cloud platforms and not at on-premises systems. That approach will hit enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems hard. Chatbots, for instance, now…


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